Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank you, Instant Online Refills

Don't ask me how this is possible, but two people have found my blog via Instant Online Refills. Go there, if you dare. I clicked on the link on my blog stats page, of course, because I wanted to see what the site was about. It's honestly about prescription drug refills. The drug at the top of the page:  Viagra. Alrighty then. Never did find where people would be directed to my blog, but... I'll admit I didn't loiter long on the site. Regardless of how someone visits a drug refill site and ends up at my blog, I thank you, Instant Online Refills, for the pub. I can't get some of my relatives to tell people about my writing, but a random site about drugs will do it for me.

Or maybe it's a more subliminal message than that, a cautionary tale of sorts: "Don't let your prescription drugs run out, or you could end up like this chick! [Click link, but only if you don't have heart problems]"

Dunno. But it made me laugh. And it made me post this impromptu blog entry.

I'm gonna go take my cocktail of prescription meds now.

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