Friday, March 9, 2012

Vacation Fantasies

Since I'm on Facebook, I get to read about all sorts of interesting places where people go on vacation. A high school friend recently went snowboarding in Colorado. My niece and her husband--who already live in Australia, which is pretty cool--just returned from Thailand. A former work colleague seems to be in a warm, beachy destination every other week. Another long-distance friend regularly goes on cruises and teases us mercilessly with his pictures. My mom (not on Facebook, incidentally) spends a week every early spring in Gulf Shores, Alabama. People be travelin'!

I have used the past 2,683 vacation days of my life taking care of sick people, being sick after taking care of sick people, or covering for other people who are too sick to take care of my children. Okay, slight exaggeration. But not by much.

Today's exotic locale: home.

I often fantasize about where I would go if I never had to use a vacation day for something as dreary as illness. Usually, that's across the pond to jolly olde England. Really want to go there someday. Really not gonna happen for at least the next eighteen years. I'd also like to take a cruise. Or lie on a beach for seven days straight, drinking pretty drinks with little umbrellas sticking out of them. These are equally unlikely scenarios.

Parenting, if done correctly (whatever that means), is the most rewarding job you'll ever have. At least, that's what people say over and over and over, until you almost start to believe it. But consider having a job where you sit in the same small office day after day and never get a vacation day, unless you're nearly on your deathbed. And your boss (or bosses) aren't much for workplace morale. As a matter of fact, they're kind of jerks most of the time. Sure, sometimes they throw you a perk or say something funny or--very occasionally--give you a thank you for all your hard work. But, for the most part, they're too focused on their jobs to really care how you get yours done. They're very busy and important, you know?

Who put a gun to my head and told me to have these germy kids? I don't know, but when I find him or her, it's not going to be pretty.

Until then, I must make lemonade (preferably hard lemonade) out of these lemons. Sick days are for writing. The Secret Keeper fans will be glad to know I'll be working on Book 3 between my stints as drug mule (uh, Tylenol only) and all-around nursemaid/slave.

In Book 3, life is getting very interesting for Peyton and Brice, as well as the other characters you've come to know well, some acquaintances you'll be getting to know a little better, and some folks that you'll be meeting for the first time. Time to crank this muthuh out!

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  1. The ads for your books at the bottom of each post are cracking my $hit up. HA!!