Saturday, July 14, 2012

PLAIN JAYNE Publication Day

I'm getting cocky. Second Pub Day of the summer for me, and it might as well be just another day. I mean, I haven't had diarrhea once. I even left my house to have brunch with some friends, which means I couldn't sit at my computer and hit the "refresh" button on my sales reports. Or obsessively monitor Facebook for encouraging comments from readers, friends, and family. I hit that "publish" button like I was hitting "send" on an email to a friend. No biggie. Plain Jayne is out there for all to see. All 93,000 words of it.

cover image copyright 2012 by Laura Sellars
Yeah. It's really long. I'm sort of worried about that. I mean, readers of my books often say, "I didn't want it to end," but you want to elicit that response. You want to leave them wanting more. You don't want to have them continuously checking to see how much further they have to go. "Is it over yet?" is not something you want them asking themselves. We'll see if I've pushed the envelope too far with this one. Obviously, I think every word in the book is necessary. I think the story's complete and that every chapter has a purpose. I hope readers agree.

If they don't, I'm sure they won't be shy about telling me. Very publicly. And none-too-gently. What did one reader recently say about The Secret Keeper Confined? "It felt like a book-length epilogue." Ouch. In my defense, it is the second book in a very character-driven series. It's not supposed to be action-packed. But still... Ouchie. Shake it off, Brown!

Today, though, I feel good about Plain Jayne. I didn't even panic when I found out AFTER publication that there are a few other books with the same title. Same spelling of "Jayne," and everything. And I thought I was being so clever. Hmmm... Ego alert! Where's Smart Guy when I need him to knock me down a few pegs and tell me to keep working, keep tweeting, and stop resting on my laurels (and stop using cliches)? I'll have to settle for having boogers wiped on me and Pop Tart pieces sneezed into my face. It's almost as humbling.

Anyway, all kidding aside, I'm really not taking Publication Day for granted. I'm currently closely monitoring sales and wondering how long it'll take for the first reviews (for better or worse) to come in. I'm nervous, hoping I didn't forget something huge or overlook a bunch of typos. Brunch was a lovely diversion, but as soon as it was over, Pub Day was the first thing on my mind again. I've tried to work on my next book in the pipeline, but I have the attention span of a hyperactive dog in a rabbit hatchery. Every encouraging comment I get on my author Facebook page is greatly appreciated. I sort of need a hug. I'm as needy as ever.

The good news is, I have a lot to keep me busy, if I'll only focus. And this Pub Day will pass like all the others. And I will have survived. It's only fiction, after all. Can you imagine if I had a really important occupation? I'll pause here for the collective shudder amongst family and friends. Yeah. Writers are so weird.

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  1. Now I feel bad! I saw a few weeks ago on Amazon that there were other titles like that and I almost dropped you line about it, but then refrained myself since it sounded so presumptuous. Your cover is very nice though, it won't be confused with anything else. :)

  2. It's okay, Cindy. There's no such thing as an original idea anyway. There are lots of "Secret Keepers," too. My name is unique enough to make up for it, right? RIGHT?! (Tell me I'm right.)

  3. Yes, you are right, very unique author's name, there are no other Breas on Amazon. :) (how do you say it- 'Bree' or 'Bray'?)
    BTW, I didn't find it 'really long', but I don't notice book length until it goes well over 500 pages. Yours is double spaced and in large type, so it reads quite fast.

  4. It's Bree-uh. Don't get certain people started on that, though. ;)

  5. Right. It's "Bree-Uh." Everyone knows that if you're going to be a real writer, you'd damned well better get that pretentious name stuff down pat. I mean, imagine how you'd feel if some lowly person came up to you and pronounced your name "Bree!" Why, it gives me the vapors, just thinking about it.

    Naturally, however, you are already a real writer. I haven't finished PLAIN JAYNE yet, but I'm already totally enthralled. And you know that I don't get easily enthralled. Hell, I'm practically un-enthrallable. Except for your stuff. For some reason, your stuff is absolutely enthralling.

    And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have a cup of "tee-uh."

  6. Cindy, look what you've started!

  7. Plain Jayne was a very quick read and I fell in love with the characters almost immediately, even LukeA$$. Maybe especially LukeA$$. Yum.

    1. Luke IS very yummy. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.